Saturday, 10 June 2017

Living in a world of your own.

Love is patient,kind,isn't envious, boastful or arrogant...Its much easier said than done!
"I have this younger sister,we're barely a year apart but she looks "bigger" than me,statue wise et al.
She keeps to herself most of the time,can be very rude too,people don't visit me cos they can't stand her,you can be with someone & she'll just walk in & start playing loud music not minding that someone is there,enter without even the least "Hi" etc.I sometimes blame myself and my family for the way she is because i know we didn't help at all,it has gotten to a point everyone seems indifferent about it and i usually get advised to join the "I don't care" wagon.I try to pretend but it hurts seeing her the way she is,i don't know how long she'll choose to live in that VICTIM MENTALITY, but i honestly pray to God to change her from within.
Don't get me wrong,I'm far from perfect, i have my off days but 1corinthians 13 keeps me in check.There are days i literally want to move out cos of her attitude et al but he keeps saying "Love,as i have Loved you"... " why don't you tell others this too?" and he'll say "As i have loved you".Sometimes i feel I'm living in a world of my own with this " LOVE" thing,God help me."

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